Aztec Productions
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Our Services

RECORDING SERVICES: Azec uses Pro-Tools HD, Reason & Logic. We have a sound treated isolation room for drums, vocals & have the ability to record 20 tracks simultaneously.

MASTERING SERVICES: Aztec Productions has state of the art mastering gear & will bring your recordings to professional levels & standards.

MIXING SERVICES: Aztec is equipped to make professional mixes in Pro Tools using high end outboard compressors, limiters, equalizers and 2Bus analog mixer.

PRODUCTION AND ARTIST DEVELOPMENT: If you are an artist looking to break into the industry, Aztec can help. Producing a good song into a great song and helping you get your song heard is a service Aztec is proud to provide.

MUSIC PRODUCTION & VOICE-OVERS for television, radio, films, videos, commercials.

EQUIPMENT LIST (As of August 2010):

AKG 451B;
AT 4033,
Earth Works (3),
Nuemann U87ai,
Oktava MC 0012 (2),
Royer 121,
Sennheiser 441 and 421 (3),
Shure SM7, SM57 (3)

Mic Preamps:
API 512C (2),
Shadow Hills Mono Gama,
A-Designs P-1 and Erickson Montessi Red,
Purple Audio Biz,
Daking (4)
True Systems Precision 8.

Outboard Gear:
Distressor EL8-X Compressor(2),
Crane Song STC-8 Compressor,
Manely Vari Mu Compressor,
Purple Action Compressor (2)
DBX 160A Compressor (3),
Crane Song IBIS Equalizer,
API 2500 Equalizer,
Dangerous Music Sum Minus,
Dangerous 2 Bus Analog Mixer
Line 6 Podxt Pro's for both guitar & bass.
Apogee, Aurora, and DigiDesign 192,converters.

Recording Platform:
Pro Tools HD-2 (96 Tracks),
Command 8 Controller,
Logic Pro 9
Mac Pro Computer

Speaker Monitors:
Barefoot MM27's

Plug-In's: Many from UA,Sound Toys, Isotope, McDSP, Waves, DigiDesign, etc.

Call/Text 608-225-2252